RV Storage Tips in San Jacinto, CA

RV Storage Tips in San Jacinto, CA

By Guard Dog Storage 19 July, 2019

Here are some helpful tips to help make sure your RV remains in top condition when storing in San Jacinto, CA


1. Clean and Wax Your RV

Before placing the rig in storage give it a good wash and wax. The wax will help protect the RV from sun damage and keep dirt build up down. A good coat of wax also makes cleanup after storage much easier. When washing pay special attention to the roof. Most of those evil black streaks come from dirt and road grime on the roof, so the cleaner the better for the whole rig.


2. Check All Seals

After the rig is all clean have a close look at all silicon seams, caulking and rubber seals. If anything is cracked or worn looking, now is the time to repair it. As they say “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” or in the case of an RV a ton of money. One of the most expensive RV repair bills you can get is from water damage and most times it happens during time spent in storage.


3. Blinds and Curtains

One way to combat mold growth is by not using the full night time shades. Store the RV with the translucent daytime shades drawn which still allows daylight to penetrate. By allowing daylight to penetrate your RV, you will insure that mold growth is not promoted.


4. Ventilation

Keeping moisture out of the RV is a major concern. If any moisture develops it can lead to mold growth and musty smells when you retrieve your RV from storage. The best way to keep the interior of the RV dry is to leave the rooftop vents open. If necessary, install special vent covers that allow your vents to remain open, without letting water in.



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